Group Counseling

Group therapy allows individuals to work through issues in a therapeutic process facilitated by trained clinicians. In the context of a safe and supportive environment, group participants will engage in a process-oriented therapeutic work. Our therapists embrace a strengths-based holistic approach, allowing each participant to address their goals. 

All groups are insurance-reimbursable and a super bill will be issued with a 90853 CPT code. Group are closed-ended meaning that the participants will be the same throughout the series of each group counseling series.

For any questions about the group process & to schedule an intake to see if group therapy is best for you, please reach out to Laura Morse, LPC: or call (301) 960-8991.

Please click more to learn about the following groups:

Young Adult Group is a seven-week group program designed for individuals in their 20s  who seek a group process in working to meet their individual goals whether they be academic, career, personal or financial:

Pelvic-Pain Support Group is an eight-week group for women experiencing pelvic pain. The group is open to women ages 18+ who may have diagnoses of: genito-pelvic pain disorder, dyspareunia, vaginismus, vulvodynia or undiagnosed pelvic pain:

Thinking Women's Group is a six-week group for professional working women ages mid-20s-60s who are may struggle with OCD tendencies. Through support with CBT mindfulness modalities, women will learn strategies to cope both individually & relationally: