Rediscover Your Sensuality

Rediscover Your Sensuality

It’s very natural for us to come at a point where we lose touch with ourselves. It’s not something that happens overnight, but rather a slow process that creeps up on you when you don’t realize it. Sensuality and sexuality are many times one of the first things to go when we get busy with work, life, and other responsibilities. It’s also one of the things that make us feel the most in tune with ourselves and our bodies.

If you’ve lost your sensuality, we’ll share ways in which you can rediscover yourself:

Get Moving

A great way to get in tune with your body is to start moving it. Movement can come in many shapes and forms. Some enjoy rigorous exercise to reconnect to themselves, others enjoy a walk in the park or getting into the flow with yoga.

Start small by creating a playlist of your favorites songs and just start dancing and moving in any way that feels natural. Don’t be afraid of being a little silly.

Get Naked

In our rushed lives, we really spend mindful times with our bodies. For instance, we don’t often get naked for the sake of being naked. Mostly is for getting intimate, taking a shower or getting dressed. Rediscover the angles of your body and tell your body which parts you honor, enjoy and are grateful for.

Buy Kegel Weights

Kegel weights is a sure way to reconnect to your sensuality. Just being aware of the ‘weight’ on your pelvic floor will focus your attention on your sacral energy. Not only will they help strengthen your pelvic floor, but they’ll help you achieve longer and stronger orgasms over time.

These are just a few quick ways in which you can rediscover your sensuality and reconnect with yourself.

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