Thinking Women's Group 

Do you:

  • Have difficulty stopping your thoughts throughout the day?
  • Find it hard to "relax" on date night or with friends?
  • Consistently have a "to-do" list running through your head?

You're not alone - many women grapple with these issues - and this group is designed just for you. 

Who: This six-week psycho-educational & support group is designed for professional working women ages 20-60 who may have obsessive-compulsive thought tendencies. Outcomes of the group include: (a) learn how to manage overwhelming thoughts (b) practice mindfulness activities and (c) find support in the strengths of being a thinking woman. 

What: A confidential psychotherapy process group for professional women. Through CBT and psycho-educational mindfulness activities in a safe supportive group, women will learn strategies to help manage overwhelming thought patterns. The group will focus on individual, friendship, and partner relations of how thought patterns impact each person individually and in the here-and-now of the group. 

When: Weekly on Tuesdays from 6-7:15pm beginning 9/4/18-10/9/18 (Six Group Sessions)

Group Facilitator: Laura Morse, LPC