Advice: Your Friends and Family Don’t Like Your Partner

Advice: Your Friends and Family Don’t Like Your Partner

In an ideal world, your happiness will make those around you happy as well, but unfortunately, in some cases, we don’t always agree with each others’ decision-making when it comes to relationships. If you are currently in a relationship that your friends and family don’t approve of, we suggest you follow these tips:

Ask For Honesty

This would depend on whether your loved ones are making comments and remarks openly, or whether you just assume that they don’t like your partner. If you suspect they aren’t approving, try to have individual conversations in private and allow them to explain their reasoning.

Keep in mind, regardless of whether they like your partner or not, it’s not appropriate or justified to make rude comments and remarks directed at the person.

Consider Their Concerns

Are your loved ones complaining about certain personality traits or the way that your significant other is treating you? Or don’t they like his race, religion, culture, sexual orientation or appearance? If it’s the latter, it’s called prejudice and they are discriminating against your partner which reflects their own issues, and they aren’t necessarily concerned with your happiness.

Dream About the Future

Do you see yourself committed to your partner in the years to come? Do you feel the relationship could become serious? If not, it might not be worth the friction with your friends and family.

On the other hand, if you feel secure and confident in the fact that you might become life partners and your life is headed in the right direction, you are allowed to choose what makes you happy.

At the end of the day, we can’t control what others think or feel, but we can respect each other’s choices and decisions in life.

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